Pittsburgh Housing

Services We Use

Updated March 22nd, 2020

We want to be clear about how we've built this site and what services we are interacting with, so you know how your data is being used. Below is a list of services we use, and a brief description of why/how we use them. We will attempt to keep this list up to date, but feel free to reach out to us at our service inquiry email address if you have any questions, concerns, or believe there are other services that need to be added.

GitHub - https://github.com

We use GitHub as a host for our open source code. You can view our repos at GitHub/GazeDev.

GitLab - https://gitlab.com

We use GitLub as a backup host for our open source code and to run testing and deployment for our repos. You can view our repos at GitLab/GazeDev.

Heroku - https://heroku.com

We use Heroku to host our pittbsurgh housing api. This allows us to quickly and easily iterate our api and deploy it to hosting

Digital Ocean - https://digitalocean.com

We use Digital Ocean to host our pittsburgh geocoding api, and our accounts servers. Digital Ocean VPS droplets let us carefully manage our digital services with the appropriate resources and configuration

Netlify - https://netlify.com

We use Netlify to host our front-end apps, and our static websites. It makes it easy, cheap, and reliable to keep our sites fast and up to date

Mailgun - https://www.mailgun.com/

We use Mailgun to reliably send emails from the site to our users. Because we use them to send emails from the site, any information in emails from the site may be known by the mailgun service.